Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Download Software LINDO (Mathematical Optimization)

There are a lot of software that is used to solve linear programming problems, namely: LINDO, Lingo, EXCEL, TORA, etc. The LINDO Application Programming Interface (API) provides a means for software developers to incorporate optimization into their own application programs. LINDO API is designed to solve a wide range of optimization problems, including linear programs, mixed integer programs, quadratic programs, and general nonlinear non-convex programs. These problems arise in areas of business, industry, research, and government. Specific application areas where LINDO API has proven to be of great use include product distribution, ingredient blending, production and personnel scheduling, inventory management. LINDO is a software that can be used to find the solution of  linear programming problems. The main working principles LINDO is inputting the data, solving, and assessing the validity and reliability of data based on the solution. According to Linus Scharge (1991), basically LINDO calculations performed using the simplex method, while for solving 0-1 integer linear programming problems, LINDO uses Branch and Bound method (Mark Wiley, 2010).