Saturday, June 19, 2010

Accelerate The Performance of Windows 7

Accelerate the performance of the operating system must be urgently needed by Windows users. Now is there a registry tweak for windows 7 which is still relatively new. These are some safe registry tweaks to speed up windows 7.

Below are a few things that made the registry tweak:

1. Programs that error, not responding immediately at the close.
2. Menu will be seen more quickly. When you stop at a menu,
submenu will appear more quickly than usual.
3. Additions Take Ownership option when you right click on files or
folders. This will make it easier when you replace the system files or
perform customization.
4. Prevent windows to search for programs that do not exist when you click
the shortcut that is damaged, this can save time.
5. Adding Copy To and Move To on the right click menu in windows 7. So
after this, move the file will be much easier than before.
6. Directly open the file when you choose Open With and deactivate the
option Search On the Internet.
7. Accelerate the navigation in Windows Explorer by disabling search for
Network Printers and Scheduled Task on the network.
8. Disabling Low Disk Space message that is very disturbing from the
system tray.

Restart the computer after the registry tweak is enabled. You can restore the system as before with other files that have been provided.