Saturday, January 24, 2015

Free Download Software for Splitting and Merging PDF Files

How to split and merge pdf files. For this time, I want to share with you all, the software that is used to split and merge PDF files. These software are free, no registration. It is easy and free to use. 

You can use Weeny Free PDF Cutter to cut pdf files by pages, by bookmarks or by page ranges. Weeny Free PDF cutter can provide you with perfect output quality and amazing speed.

Now, you can use PDF binder to merge pdf files. Same with Weeny Free PDF Cutter, PDF Binder is a free software, no registration.  

These software work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download here
Weeny Free PDF Cutter
PDF Binder

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Download Software LINDO (Mathematical Optimization)

There are a lot of software that is used to solve linear programming problems, namely: LINDO, Lingo, EXCEL, TORA, etc. The LINDO Application Programming Interface (API) provides a means for software developers to incorporate optimization into their own application programs. LINDO API is designed to solve a wide range of optimization problems, including linear programs, mixed integer programs, quadratic programs, and general nonlinear non-convex programs. These problems arise in areas of business, industry, research, and government. Specific application areas where LINDO API has proven to be of great use include product distribution, ingredient blending, production and personnel scheduling, inventory management. LINDO is a software that can be used to find the solution of  linear programming problems. The main working principles LINDO is inputting the data, solving, and assessing the validity and reliability of data based on the solution. According to Linus Scharge (1991), basically LINDO calculations performed using the simplex method, while for solving 0-1 integer linear programming problems, LINDO uses Branch and Bound method (Mark Wiley, 2010).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Download Angels and Airwaves' New Album : The Dream Walker (2014)

Angels and Airwaves is a rock band from San Diego, California, USA formed by Tom DeLonge (Blink 182). The band consists of four members, they are Tom DeLonge (guitarist and vocalist), David Kennedy (guitarist), Matt Wachter (bassist), and Ilan Rubin (drummer). Old bassist, Ryan Sinn, who was replaced by Matt Wachter left the band in 2007 with no apparent reason. In the fall of 2011, Atom Willard (old drummer) left the band amicably on the reasons for the differences in creativity after finishing 4th album.

So far, Angels and Airwaves has released 5 albums, namely: We Do not Need to Whisper (2006), I-Empire (2007), Love (2010), Love: Part Two (2011), and his latest album, The Dream Walker (2014 ).

The Dream Walker consists of 10 songs. Download the songs here:
1. The Wolfpack
2. Paralyzed
3. Tunnels
4. Tremors
5. The Disease
6. Teenagers And Rituals
7. Mercenaries
8. Kiss With A Spell
9. Anomaly
10. Bullets in the Wind

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Offline Installer Adobe Flash Player

Macromedia Flash (Adobe Flash) is a standard software used to create attractive animations and bitmap for building dynamic websites. Moreover, this application can be used also to make games, movies, animations on websites,etc. Files which are produced by this application have file extension .swf  and can be played in the browser that you have installed Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is a software which is used for streaming video and audio. Flash player executes swf that can be made by Adobe Flash authoring tool, adobe flex,or Macromedia. Now, Flash player is developed and distributed by Adobe systems. Flash Player is freely available as a plugin to the latest version of the web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari) on the selected platform. Google Chrome is an integrated player in the distribution.

Download Flash Player ( IE )
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The old versions of Adobe flash player can be downloaded from Adobe's website at

Friday, November 28, 2014

MathType Requires a Newer Version of MT Extra and The Latest MathType

MathType is a useful program for writing scientific formula. Everyone can use Math type well because this program is easy to use. Sometimes you get this warning "MathType Requires a Newer Version of MT Extra", you shouldn't be panic about that. You can manually install MT Extra, but you should first remove all the copies already installed on your computer.
Note: Because only one copy of MT Extra will be shown in the Fonts Control Panel at a time, you must refresh your fonts list after deleting each copy of it so that if another copy of MT Extra is in your fonts folder, it will appear. It may be necessary to delete and refresh your list a number of times to delete all copies of MT Extra. If another copy of MT Extra appears in your fonts list, the actual file name for the font will be different.
Download the latest math type here -> Math Type 6.9 and Keymaker

1. Choose Control Panel from the Settings menu of Windows Explorer.
2. Open the Fonts Control Panel.
3. Look for the MT Extra font and delete it.
4. Press F5 to refresh your list of fonts.
5. Look for the MT Extra font again. If it appears, delete it again.
6. Continue steps 3-5 until MT Extra no longer appears in your list of fonts.
7. Open C:\Program Files\MathType \Fonts \TrueType
8. Copy MT Extra and paste into C:\Fonts.
9. Restart your computer and run MathType again, you should not receive
the error again.
Good luck guys